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Dedicated to the puppy I love…

Today was at the top of the list as one of my saddest days ever.  You know that puppy I walk. The one I mention periodically.  I had to kiss and say goodbye to her this morning.  She was 13 years and truly a joy. I loved that dog and if there had been a way I could have saved her, I would have.  I couldn’t.  So I had to simply let her go. I wept, I cried and am still experiencing momentary weaknesses. But the most grown-up thing I have ever done in my life was to let this sweet, beautiful puppy go. A puppy that I have loved for over a decade.

I was hopeful and prayerful last night and just knew somehow I could get a miracle.  No miracle. I did, however, awaken with one single thought — I had treated her so well. I rescued her from the Humane Society and loved her every single day.  She was faithful and loyal and the epitome of what is genuine, unconditional love.  And, while my favorite thing was the walks we shared, her’s were definitely the rides. She knew when it was the weekend.  And, she knew she was going to ride with me as I took care of my errands even if it took me all day.

I find solace in that last Saturday, I took her on her last ride.

I find solace in that as recently as last week I provided her favorite foods, pork rinds, bologna and cheese.

I find solace in that I remained with her until she fell asleep with my hands on her back.

I find solace in that I was a responsible pet owner and gave her the best life I could.

So I dedicate this page, this day to my beloved sweet puppy.  I will miss her but know in my heart of hearts that I made the right decision at the right time with the information I was given. I could not and would not allow her to suffer. I would not be selfish.  I only wish I had realized we were at the end and I had given her the greatest send-off … a buffet of all of her favorite foods. That will be my only regret as I mourn the loss of my beautiful companion.

Today, I made a difficult decision but I made it. My heart will heal for as with all sad and sorrowful moments in this life time really does heal all wounds.

With a heavy and broken-heart I say Goodbye My Sweet Cocoa Bean!