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Bio: So I misjudged a situation. I embarked on an affair expecting to have loads of fun and laughing every day. For three months, that is what I did -- having fun, laughing every single day and the recipient of loads of attention! What just happened ... BAM, the floor has been snatched right out from under me. I'm telling you like a thief in the night, something or someone turned my life completely around/inside out/upside down. And, for the next 317 days, I would try to recapture all that fun I was having. Then... it occurred to me, with what I knew (and what I knew would knock your socks off), I needed counseling. So, I sprinted to the counselor's office. I passed "Go" and I did not even think about stopping to collect $200. I needed counseling not $200! It would be sometime before anyone, my counselor could not do it and the sister friends could not do it -- no one could convince me that I had not committed some major faux pas. There was something dreadful wrong with me. Now, I was coming out of a sleeping-beauty type slumber before January 1, 2014. However, it is January 1st, 2014, I was awakened from the slumber. I said a little silent prayer to my Awesome God. I merely asked that he remove the emotion from my life. God, I did not want to be in this kind of pain another second. I was suffocating. I want to be emotionally well. I want to be happy. I began seeking answers from the internet. My first search produced blog-after-blog-website-after-website about narcissism. Why? I did not use that word in the search engine. Ok, humor me. But isn't that just a word people use to describe selfish, arrogant people I thought to myself. Good Lord, what is this -- these women (and some men) are telling my story. How can that be. I even thought briefly one woman was a competitor. OMG, I have really done it this time, I should have left this one alone for sure. Save me Jesus, the man is a ... NARCISSIST! he is broken, weak and disturbed. A robot should accompany this man with the warning from Lost In Space with lights flashing and screaming ... Danger, danger; Warning, warning; Do not touch it, it is dangerous.

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  1. A lot of times we ignore red lights, warning signs, still voices and the like. Hey, you’re human – it happens to the best of us.

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