Getting through the day…

Being involved with a narcissist has changed me … for the better.  I am now a better me. Unlike many, I knew something was wrong but just couldn’t figure out what. It was at that moment, I literally threw myself into counseling. I talked with friends day and night. It was when I finally discovered narcissism was real, that it is an honest-to-goodness personality disorder, I began to heal!

My involvement with a narcissist has made me a better me — a me that I love unconditionally.  First, I forgave myself for my naïveté.  I reached inside myself and began to love myself like I had never loved me before. I will not be anyone’s victim.  Not this girl! I am a strong Black woman who can survive any obstacle. As another blogger put it … He will not live a better life than me. In fact, he gave me the tools I needed to live a better life.  I thank him for that!  I will be better than ever before. I will love me like I have should have loved me all of my life.

Realizing today is Valentine’s Day and the shenanigan’s that will be right there for me to experience, I penned the following:

Today, I resolve not to worry about anything, not to be anxious about things of which I have no control. Instead, I will pray about everything. I will tell God what I need. I will thank him for all he has done for me, which is a lot, and includes that wonderful, understanding and absolutely great boss, whose belief in me is humbling.

I will thank Him for that awesome individual who who took me to lunch yesterday to reinforce her faith and confidence in me. I will thank Him for the many people in my life who cherish me unconditionally. I will thank Him for my children and their love. And, I will thank Him for the love of my many wonderful friends. 

Then I will experience peace that cannot be shaken. That peace exceeds anything I can or cannot understand. That peace will guard my heart, my mind and my spirit.

(From Philippians 4:6-7 according to Me!)



2 thoughts on “Getting through the day…

  1. Some times we have to “go through” to get to the other side. You have gone through – yes, with a few scrapes but nevertheless you’ve reached the other side with lessons learned.

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